Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Big Hero 6: Because I haven't done enough superhero movies this year

Breaking news, Disney has done a superhero movie that not only isn't attached to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but isn't attached to Marvel at all.

So with the success of Wreck it Ralph and Frozen, where too from there? A superhero movie... Ok then... You're not going to go for the animated Superhero movie everyone wants to see? No? Well then, let's see what we have. Big Hero 6.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Thunderbirds: "Who want's to save these Thunderbirds?"

Gather round boys and girls, for a quick history lesson about a series of puppets, and the world of children's entertainment. While the original Thunderbirds was first aired in the 1960's, during the 1990's and still to this day, the original series continues to be shown and at one point got a dramatic rise in popularity, leading to the creation of a lot of new merchandise. It was because of this that I myself was exposed to the Thunderbirds, and I still regard it as one of my favorite childhood shows, and why I love how the newest generation, Thunderbirds are Go, is keeping to the original feel using new technology. However, this was a time when anything popular enough would receive the cinema treatment, and anything for children wasn't really given that much care in terms of plot. And sure enough, 2004 comes along, and Thunderbirds was released to cinemas. I recall going to see it with my father in Sydney, though there was another movie I wanted to see, which I'll get to another time. But for now, "Who's going to rescue the rescuers?"

Thursday, 6 August 2015

First Impressions: Deadpool

You see, I would add in some sort of subtitle, but for a character like this, and a movie like this... How? What would it be?

So anyway, the Deadpool trailer came out, so its about high time to look at it.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Blackest Night arc: "What's this, something to do with zombies that's... ORIGINAL?"

This took longer then what I was expecting, and for that I apologize. This was intended to go up early April, right after the Digimon Marathon, however as you can see, that didn't happen. But, I do keep my word, so here we are, the Blackest Night arc, the first ever Comic book review on this site.

For those who either don't remember, or haven't seen the post covering it, let me explain how these reviews are going to work, at least, how I'll handle them (which has been updated anyway, so...). Due to many comic book stories and characters lasting many decades, it would be almost impossible for me to review entire comic series and still keep a weekly content schedule, especially when you deal with characters that have been around since World War II and before. As such, this will be handled in arcs, arcs that you get to decide. At the end of almost every review, with the exception being this opening period, I'll be putting up a strawpoll that has (at time of writing) 4 arcs, one from Detective Comic (DC), one from Marvel Comics, one from Archie Comics, and one from IDW publishing. These arcs will be picked from any arc that you send me as a request or, if necessary due to how rarely I get requests, are added in by me in order to fill polls. Anyone is able to send me arc requests, even from other publishers (the only reason why its four is because those are the four I know of). Each poll will last until the next Comic review, which I'm hoping to make a monthly occurrence.

With all that out of the way, time to look at Blackest Night.