Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Pokemon Adventures; Black and White: Not even going to touch the political joke

However its very easy to. I can almost hear it now, people being up in arms because the white dragon representing truth and the black dragon representing ideals. Why do I keep making jokes about racism when it comes to Unova? Because otherwise I'd have to try and think of original Trump jokes and that would imply I care about US politics. Welcome to Unova.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Suicide Squad: What happened to three strikes and you're out?

Or for that matter, how bad does one of these movies need to be in order for WB to consider this a failure? While yes I know the movies have been successful financially, none of them have been considered as good movies yet. To say nothing of the behind the scenes stories about this movie which make you consider how this movie was pushed this hard to be released, and you have to stop and wonder what they're smoking, and where you can get some. Welcome to the Suicide Squad.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: Time to pull the rug out


If you noticed that the journal posts have been getting shorter, there is a good reason for it and I intend to cover it here in this review. This does not mean that Marissa's journals in New Leaf are ending (to my knowledge) and the reason one wasn't out this week is because she was very busy this week. I'm also not the one to speak to in regards to the stability of Mediaton anyway, as it is her project. Onward to the review!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy: Why is there going to be 7 Marvel movies next year?

Seriously, why? And yes I know they're not all MCU movies, but that's still a lot of Marvel Superheros, and that's before counting the new Lego game coming. Well, what does that mean for here? Basically, it means there's going to be quite a lot more Marvel stuff this year, as I'd rather not review 30 marvel movies in a row. Along with this review, I'm going to do the Sony Spider Man movies in July, to celebrate Homecoming. Septembers are going to become Superheroes month (however until I catch up, they're not going to be limited to September. Such as in November where I'll review the first Lego Marvel Super Heroes game to celebrate the new game. You know Holywood, too much of a good thing is an actual thing. Just saying... And please don't ask me to play catch up on something like Disney movies, I will die before I catch up to those!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mediaholics Toybox: Revenge of The Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime

Ahh Bayverse, you're going to be a pain in my ass again come October aren't you? You and Jem have now brought my bar so low that you make me question if I should review what I call the cinematic duo of the dammed. I'm doing another Transformers month next month because of that movie. But, I will admit that the mountain of Energon sent out of the bay bots' waste disposal units has some gems in among the rough smells of bloated corporations making movies to appeal to as many demographics as possible, even those who shouldn't be allowed to drive due to a lack of brain cells. One of those was the first movie as I'm often more lenient on first films as I expect there to be lessons learned from them. And some were, just the wrong ones. Another gem was in fact the Revenge of The Fallen toy line, which gained the most from the movies as it was a blast of creativity and throughout its run, gave us a wide variety of movie faithful bot and con designs and classic characters that were given the Classics revival with a touch of Bayverse realism to create some really interesting designs. Might do some more of those later as what movie toys I do have from RoTF I do enjoy overall. One of them being today's subject, the original trillogy version of that one bot who likes faces and the removal of them, Optimus Prime.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

OneShot Review

               Imagine waking up in a world where there is no sun, and the worlds only hope is you. All the weight of saving the world being dropped on your shoulders the second you step out of the house. Well, really you’re not the messiah of the world, but it’s Niko, the small cat like boy that you help control. You yourself are actually the god of the world, and you have to help Niko save it.

                The game plays off like your standard RPG maker game at first. Walk around, collect items, and solve puzzles. The puzzles in OneShot are one of the most interesting features in this game. Some of them are sometimes simple, but the ones that stand out can leave you a bit stumped or even amazed. I dare not spoil on what these puzzles are exactly like, but the majority of them involve breaking the 4th wall.

                The world of OneShot has three areas to it, The Barrens, the Glen, and the Refuge. The art and color to these areas are dark, but pleasing to the eye. You can tell which characters come from which area just by their look. Sometimes you can see full pixel art scenes, and they are beautiful to look at. The length of the game is not daunting, but you might have to go through the three short areas another time if you want the full experience.

                Characters in the world are very memorable. Everyone’s personalities flow from their appearance to their way of speaking. I never found a character here that I disliked. If anything, you might be the most attached to the main character Niko, because of all the time you spend with him.

                The game itself is pretty sensitive on how you play it. So sensitive that if you close the game and reopen it, Niko will be worried that you have left him. Just be sure that you don’t close the game when you’re outside, I’m warning you. There are times in the game where you might have to check files in the game’s folder itself, but that is all part of the experience. Don’t be alarmed what the game might throw at you. The difficulty may be easy, but it’s not too forgiving when it comes to choices. Remember, you only have One Shot.

               Overall, OneShot is a really fun experience. I'd say if you're a fan of story based RPG's, it's worth a shot. There's no combat, but the story of the game is one of it's strongest points. The game is available on Steam for you to try out.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pokemon Adventures - Heart Gold & Soul Silver: YOU WILL BOW TO YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR JOHTO!

This is an arc dedicated to Arceus, what part of "will take low hanging fruit when appropriate" wasn't clear from Moana?

"The original one breathed alone before there was a universe. And when the universe was created, its shards became these plates. The powers of these plates are shared between all Pokémon. And the rightful barer of a plate draws power from it. Two being of time and space... set free from the original one. Two make matter, and three make spirit. Thereby shaping the world."

Timeline: 3 years after Emerald, almost directly before Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.Ties up plot thread from Fire Red and Leaf Green Arc. Ready? Go!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

ACNL: Medaiton Journal Week 4

Week 4: The Star Under The Marquee

               The Club opened the start of the week. Inside before the offical doors opened was Shrunk who asked me to build him the club in the first place. He said he was actually some sort of comedian back in his prime. At the cost of food he told me a joke. It's kind of a weird some sort of emotion came over me that day...
It was actually raining that day so visiting the Doc cheered me up.

               Oddly enough the very next day when it cleared up, there was a mysterious thing sitting in the ground. It's called a Gyroid, and it gives off a mysterious presence. This particular one was called a  mini timpanoid. I like how it sounds honestly.

               Eventually, the shopping town grew and two new stores were added at the same time. T&T  Mart got renovated into Super T&T. All had happened is that the store got bigger, but I did find an interesting item in there while I was looking around. 
               The item is called a megaphone and man is it a useful item. You just call your villager's name and they will answer you. Super useful when doing tasks, I always have it in my letter pockets just in case.

               The other store is actually a hair salon called Shampoodle. It is run by a dog named Harriet. I tried to get a new hairstyle, but I feel that the hair I got was kind of...reddish for my taste. Unfortunately, the hair salon could only be used once a day, so I had to be stuck with this tea red hair for the rest of it. 

               Before April ended, there was the annual Weeding Day event. Leif from the flower shop hosts it, and urges me to pick all the weeds from the town. It wasn't that hard at all since I almost always tend to the gardens around town. He gave me a cute little Cosmos Fan for my troubles.

               One night there was a beautiful meteor shower. I wished on a couple of stars that were shooting by. I poured my heart into those wishes too. Maybe there is something up there that can hear me?

               Before the week passed on the final day of April, I went diving. I met an interesting otter who would give me words of wisdom. He also lent me an item in exchange for a scallop that I found. He was a pretty chill dude. 
               The very last thing I did was visit the Club on that Saturday. They say the famous musician K.K. Slider preforms every week there. He was there of course! I spent a long time there listening to his music. I always loved how that dog can just change the atmosphere with a few chords from his guitar. There's something nostalgic about his presence. He gave me a bootleg of K.K. Joungora, so I felt pretty good that night.

               The Dream Suite project was finally completed! Now you can live the growth of the town with us! The dream address is provided for others with the game and the Dream Suite to visit the town of Mediaton.
Dream Address: 5B00-0061-560D

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Moana: "What can I say except you're welcome"

I'm not above taking the low hanging fruit, and of course I was going to use that as the title.

Something tells me that a lot of people probably never heard of Polynesia. Many, like myself, have probably heard of the two largest collection of islands in the area, being Hawaii and New Zealand, Easter Island thanks to the Easter Island heads, along with potentially Samoa thanks to it being in a place prone to cyclones and flooding, but not much after that, right? I admit I'm guilty of this too, I never studied global geography during high school, let alone its culture as the most experience I had with Polynesian culture, was pre soft lawsuit G1 BIONICLE,  Lilo and Stich, Pokemon Sun and Moon, and modern marketing's interpretation of Polynesian artwork as tattoos and necklaces, but that last one could be completely off, so make of it as you will. Basically, if you're coming here to find out how accurate of a representation this movie is of the culture, you're going to be dissapointed as I am not a credible source on the matter, why do you think I didn't bring up the representation of the culture when I was reviewing BIONICLE, or even mentioning the Matoran were once known as Tohunga, and that there are reasons why the islands pre Bara Magna all end with Nui? I'm just here to review the movie, as a movie.