Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Operation M.A.Y.V.E.L Phase 1; Ant-Man: Ants, lots, and lots, of ants.

Look, if I'm doing this, I'm going all the way with it. And before you ask, yes I am working on an acronym for it. While calling it phase 1 is a small lie, as this is basically the Marvel Movie Marathon version 2.0, this is basically a reboot of it so Phase 1 it is. As for why MAYvel content is starting in April? I'm doing one a week, and Infinity War launches the day this post gets released (I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing as today is also ANZAC day...). Anyway, Ant-Man, the (depending on who you ask) final movie of the MCU's Phase 2, or first film of Phase 3, and the Marvel movie that suffered the most in production hell. Shall we delve into one of the Marvel movies from the mindset of "we can do whatever the f!@$ we want and still make s@$( tons of money!"?

Sunday, 22 April 2018

X Men; The Last Stand: Didn’t Eric ever learn to not play with fire in the camps?... oh… wait…

WARNING! This review does tackle a topic not suitable for children, and not suitable for work. The purpose of this is for an explanation of a particular matter of the film and isn’t meant to depict the action. The writer recommends having someone over 18 look over the review first in order to judge suitability. You have been warned.

I would like to take this chance to clarify that this joke is intended to take a stab at a fictional character with strong magnetic abilities, and the potentially distasteful joke isn’t aimed at any real person or culture. If someone can show me that Mutants are real and one with control over magnetism is Jewish and was in a concentration camp, I will take the joke back.

The problem with iconic stories is that a lot of people try to get them in adaptions of the source as soon as possible. Fox had a really bad problem… actually, it hasn’t gone away, has it? Fox has a really bad problem with doing this with the Marvel properties that they own, leading to a large number of problems. We saw it with their desire to have Galactus, a planet-eating villain from the comics, be the main villain in the second Fantastic 4 movie (and for some reason he was a space cloud?) and the signs of it happening again with the Dark Phoenix storyline is happening again with the next X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix. According to many though, this was not the first time they rushed the Phoenix force, for X-Men: The Last Stand, tried that too. How did it go? Well…

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Spider-Man 3: A spider’s greatest villain isn't within, it's corporate greed

We come to the end of a time before the Marvel Cinematic Universe stole the talk when it comes to Marvel movies, and (at least at times), superhero movies in general. Unfortunately, many see it ending more with a whimper than a bang. Views on both Spider-Man 3 and X-Men 3 are mixed at best, but do they still deserve it? You’ll have to wait until Sunday for X-Men’s chance, but for now, let’s see how Sam’s Spider-Man trilogy ended, with Spider-Man 3.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

X2: And thus, the dominos fall

I hope you're a fan of leather because they're back to try and keep a war from happening to absolutely no success. Because one extremist group often makes another, let's take a look at a film where the extremist is a regular human who knows how to get his way when it comes to politics. Let's look at X2...

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Spider-Man 2: Guilt be a two way street dear spider.

Fun fact, one of my earliest Spider-Man experiences was one of the Lego Sets for this movie (aside from watching… I’m not sure if it was the DVD or VCR, of Spider-Man 1 at my grandparents’ house with my cousins. You can blame them (or at least one in particular) for exposing me to superheroes). If anyone is curious as to the set, 4857 Doc Ock’s Fusion Lab. Doubt it will get a review cause I’ll probably have to replace parts (if I can find them), but it’s still a fun fact.

With a hit in the form of the original Spider-Man, it only makes sense that a sequel would be made, not to mention this was a point in time where the number 2 didn’t have negative views if it was attached to a Marvel movie, though Marvel did have a mixed reception at this time. People were still excited for Spider-Man 2, so how well does it hold up over a decade later? (Yeah, the first Spider-Man movie is going to be 20 years old in 2022, and the first X-Men movie is going to be 20 in 2020).

Sunday, 8 April 2018

X-Men: #ISupportMutantRights #VoteYesForEquality

Everyone know why that's the title? We're all up to speed with what the X-Men are a metaphor for? Yes? Good. Moving on.

Many would say that the return of superhero movies can come down to two trillogies, potentially more, but most argue at least two. The Spider-Man trillogy, and the first three X-Men movies... even though many like to forget X-Men 3 even exists... along with Spider-Man 3.... could someone give me a list of every movie the internet wants to forget exists, I feel like there's a lot. Regardless of that, the point of these three weeks is to look at where Marvel has been with their movies before getting to the MCU, and what better way then Kevin Feige's first attempts at a crossover between two of Marvel's IP's on the big screen. While yes, the attempt was in Spider-Man, Wolverine had to come from somewhere right? Welcome to the start of the Mutant Revolution.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Spider-Man: No, I won't go into 9/11 here

That's not me saying that the 9/11 attacks don't play a role in how this movie was received, far from it actually. It's more that I am not the right person to go into something like that, the attacks happened when I was 5 after all. There are many, many, many other people who delve into how media has been affected, either in their creation or reception due to the attacks. Me? I'm going to do what I do, review the movie, but look at one other bit of the cultural landscape that this movie helped change. Because this was one of the movies that revived the superhero genre after Batman and Robbin almost killed it. You can trace back the Marvel Cinematic Universe if not many other superhero movies to this trilogy and the other trilogy of films this month taking up the Sunday slots, the X-Men. How well do they hold up by today's standards? One way to find out, starting with Spider-Man.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Mini Mega Man Marathon March Mania; Mega Man 4: What is all this... new stuff?

And so today, we bid farewell to the blue bomber for now. We shall return another day, but for now, let's finish this marathon with Mega Man 4.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Mini Mega Man Marathon March Mania; Mega Man 3: "We will show you our peaceful ways, with a giant heavily armed robot!"

With the success of Mega Man 2, Capcom saw that they had a successful franchise on their hand, and would start to suck it dry. Again, if I was doing all of these, I'd drive myself insane from all the Mega Man games. It's time though to make the jump to Mega Man 3 and see the new Mega Man Level Pack!

Dr. Wily's always watching!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Mini Mega Man Marathon March Mania; Mega Man 2: The Brentalfloss quoting is extremely tempting...

And the reason it is tempting is because of his "What if 'x' had lyrics" series was some of the first exposure I ever had to Mega Man (aside from the Smash 4 announcement trailer). I knew of him, but not enough to start playing the series. Now, why is this so late? Aside from the "I thought it was Monday" that I posted to Twitter, the other reasons were a project I was working on over the long weekend needing major reworking (Yes its on that trailer. Since when was Mediaholics ever punctual when it comes to these sorts of things?) and personal commitments taking up today. This started writing as soon as I finished dinner. We're going back to old school Mediaholics writing, where I had no idea I could schedule these!